Plastic Free

Kerakoll says NO to plastic!

December 13, 2019

Kerakoll has launched the Plastic Free project with the aim to progressively eliminate disposable plastic in all its offices and production plants in Italy, and in all its subsidiaries.


This initiative involves around 1,200 employees and will reduce plastic consumption by around 10,000 kg per year, effectively contributing to protect our Planet.

The project main purpose is to eliminate all plastic bottles sold in vending machines and to replace them with water dispensers. In order to facilitate this process, each Kerakoll employee will be offered a customized, easy-to-identify, numbered steel water bottle.

“The Plastic Free project”, emphasizes Andrea Remotti, Kerakoll Group’s CEO, “is in line with the company’s broader vision to embrace GreenBuilding as a constructive philosophy, and to promote a better quality of living on a global level, through eco-friendly building materials and innovative solutions aimed at improving health and respecting the environment in which we live.”